Alecia Miller and Jane Pama

Behind the Scenes with Alecia & Jane
Check out our Highlight reel for San Diego natives, Alecia Miller and Jane Pama!

Here’s a pair of Vixens who give the term “Dynamic Duo”, a whole new twist! We would like to introduce to you Alicia Miller and Jane Pama of San Diego, CA. The experience of shooting these to girls was phenomenal! Not only were they cooperative but also knew how to have fun during a photo shoot.

Thanks to Jerrick Bonilla, he asked a friend who resides in a mansion somewhere amongst Mt. Helix here in San Diego if we can have the photo shoot there. As I walked in, I knew immediately as where the shoot will be conducted. Of course, I had to utilize the gorgeous pool table.

These sultry ladies were friends, so they were already comfortable with one another. This being so, I had them do a few poses for me that I knew would appeal to the mass. We had so much fun working, we lost track of time! We definitely recommend the two of them to other photographers who are looking to work with them.

Alecia Miller

Jane Pama